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   Combining Wi-Fi Technology, Blu-ray, and Audio

Play any music in any room 
Control music anywhere

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Sony 4K TV and Grado's E series headphones

Special speaker bundled packages available

Denon's Heos options changes the audio selection game. It is a wireless multi-room system. You can now hear quality music in any room. Stream music from your favorite music sources: Spotify, Pandora, Rhapsody, or your stereo. Direct the music to specific rooms with controls from your phone or tablet.

Pure Audio or Blu-ray Audio Blu-ray's vast storage capacity and bandwidth provides a high resolution sound (up to 192 kHZ/24 Bit) in surround and stereo. With new recordings from Decca,  Sonos, and others, we're about to see/hear the finest audio of the 21st century.  We have several new records so you can experience the vast improvement and decide if it is worth the upgrade. More recordings are available - surprise? -  at Amazon  

Come visit and compare Pure Audio, SACD, and conventional SACD. You decide if the upgrade is worthwhile.

Home Audio

Searching for high end audio equipment
in Winston-Salem or Greensboro area

Look no further.

Headphones: Does your partner, or roommate, tell you to turn it down? Want to hear the differences between $100, $300, and $500 headphones? And would you like some expert advice? Come by for a great listening experience.

The smaller the unit, the more costly. Is it worth the difference? Come to the store and discuss with our experts - hear the differences. 

With your home wifi, you can run an easy to use app on ipads, iphones, or droids. This will enable you to control the volume or select the music in separate zones of the house and permanently lose all those remote controls. With designs from Anthem; Denon; Marantz; and Yamaha, you'll be able to make an intelligent selection that will bring years of satisfaction.
Video-Audio Systems

Several years ago we stopped competing with online and large discount stores on TV's. 

We'll help you select a great  screen or display system and match it with a terrific central control audio/visual center.
And if you like saving money, come to the store where we can offer significant savings on demo and closeout equipment. Plus we have great "soundbars" from GoldenEar and Pioneer that will fit low profile, high audio quality needs.

Speakers: As an authorized dealer for Definitive Technology, GoldenEar, Niles, and Paradigm, we can clearly explain each unit and let you hear the differences.