Specials @ Custom Hi-Fi

Marantz HD Series

Marantz HD-Dac1

Marantz - Amp1

Marants - CD1

All are available at special closeout prices

We can not publish these prices online

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Elac Speakers

Andante Series AF 61 $2,450 pair (Regular $5,000 pair) - 1 pair

Andante Series AS 61 $1,475 pair (Regular $2,500 pair) - 3 pair

Andante AS 61 Stands $275 pair Regular $600 pair)



AVR 4400 - 9 channel Dolby Receiver - Demo $799 (Regular $1,399)


Demo Speakers

We always have other showroom models that must be moved.

Almost all our demo closeouts have 10 hours or less operational time.

Please come by the store to listen, evaluate, and select.


If you're looking for special wiring, need to solve an audio problem, or want to provide your child with a great stereo made from quality trade-in gear, come by or call to see what Custom Home Hi-Fi has available.


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