Wharfedale Linton Heritage Speakers

Wharfedale was well known for speakers that provide a warm, rich, and natural sounding character.

The new new Linton Heritage expands with an open, detailed performance that entices you to re-explore your music collection

The speakers are optionally combined with a heavy duty stand which will showcase some of your records.

Now showcasing Wharfedale's new EVO4.2 and EVO4.4 speakers

What's unique about the Wharfedale speakers?

(1) The Bass and MidRange Cones are made from Kevlar woven fabric

(2) Although relatively small speakers, the sound is completely full - not tinny. Here's what their design engineer said about the speakers.

Wharfedale engineer Peter Comeau designed the new Linton. He recently explained that "this larger ported box, with its subsequent increased baffle size, helps solve a major problem in modern speakers, namely, the baffle.

"I grew up with large speakers with wide baffles, but, as speakers reduced in size over the years I noticed that something was missing from the sound and, when I stuck my head firmly into speaker design, I began to understand the acoustic problems caused by the baffle step.

"Put simply, as the baffle size decreases, the point at which the acoustic radiation changes from hemispherical to spherical goes up in frequency. It also becomes sharper and narrower in bandwidth as the sides of the cabinet, and the walls and floor of the room, are further removed from the equation. So, this 6dB step in the power response becomes acoustically more obvious.

"I believe that a thin speaker always sounds thinner throughout the midrange when directly compared to a speaker with more generous baffle width. Of course, as designers of modern, slim speakers, we compromise by adjusting for the baffle step in the crossover, but in doing so, we also compromise sensitivity. What starts out as a 90dB at 1W drive-unit often ends up as an 85dB system once we have adjusted for the power loss due to the baffle step."

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