Paradigm's Founder Series

In the Founder's series, every component, large and small, was scrutinized down to the tiniest detail. Every component has been thoroughly researched, designed, and engineered.

New patented technologies were developed for the acoustic platform. The new cabinet platform is not just a stunning design, its unique shape and integrated structural bracing delivers acoustic performance that cannot be matched by traditional square boxes.

Tweeter - 1" aluminum magnesium ceramic dome with a oblate spherical waveguide and phase aligning lens

Mid-Range - 6" aluminum magnesium cone with peforated phase aligning lens mounted with shock isolation

Bass - Available on 40B and 80F is a 6" ultra high excursion aluminum magnesium cone with phase aligning lens mounted with shock isolation. On other models the bass is a 6" or 8" ultra high excursion unibody carbon-x cone, also mounted with shock isolation.

Finish - Walnut, Black Walnut, Midnight Cherry, and Black are available. All with a smooth satin finish and distinctive wood figuring.

Cascade-Fusion Bracing

The bracing increases rigidity and break up standing low-frequency waves. This delivers much tighter bass with greater clarity and accuracy.

All bracing is extensively reinforced, making the cabinet into a monolith stronger than the sum of its parts. The inherent strength of the geometric cabinet profile distributes the load points across a larger cabinet area providing greater support and rigidity than can be achieved with traditional square cabinet geometry. .

At Custom HiFi, we are showcasing:

Founder 40B

Standmount Speakers - Experience the Founder Series with a minimum footprint

Founder 70LCR

Left-Center-Right Speakers- Designed as a high performance center channel whenever space is a concern

Founder 80F

Floor Standing Speakers - Less than 1 square foot of floorspace - gives an incredible entry point into the Founder Series sound

Founder 100F

Takes the Founder 80F to the next level - more bass drivers and larger woofer with a dedicated midrange level

Founder 120H

This is a hybrid floorstanding speaker system - Not yet ready