Paradigm Subwoofers

Paradigm Subwoofers - PDR W100

Paradigm's PDR 100 showcased at Custom Home Hi-Fi for Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and High Point areas

Paradigm's PDR W100 represents the best selling subwoofer product line from Paradigm.

These provide superb definition and deep bass impact. A wireless transmitter is bundled with the subwoofer

Paradigm's Subwoofer DSP-3200

Paradigm's DSP-3200 Subwoofer Showcased at Custom Home Hi-Fi

High-power DSP Series subwoofers are the result of Paradigm’s multi-year R&D effort to achieve exceptional high performance while accommodating the growing desire for installation flexibility.

The DSP-3200 has a 12" single driver, bass reflex, dual high velocity, low turbulence resistance ports

Paradigm's Subwoofer Monitor Sub 12

Paradigm's Monitor 12 Subwoofer showcased at Custom Home Hi-Fi for Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and High Point

Since its inception, the Monitor Series has been a favorite of audiophiles on a budget.

Satin-anodized pure aluminum domes, carbon-infused pure-aluminum bass/midrange cones and polypropylene bass cones. Wire mesh tweeter and WaveGuide™ technology with a clean, linear aesthetic. Includes a built in, advanced Ultra-Class D amplifier.

Rich wood grain veneer finishes.

Paradigm's Subwoofer Studio Series Sub 15

Paradigm's Studio Series Sub15 Subwoofers showcased at Custom Home Hi-Fi

Studio Series delivers a cost-no-object reference-quality approach to design and performance.

The unique amplifier/driver configuration in SUB 12 and SUB 15 allows these subs to play louder and lower than any other subwoofers in this price range, and still cost less!

Gold anodized pure-aluminum domes, satin-anodized pure-aluminum bass/midrange cones and mineral-filled bass cones.

Paradigm's Subwoofer Signature Sub 1

The Signature Sub 1 and Sub 2 is as good as it gets!

These subwoofers deliver the ultimate in music and home theater performance with stunning aesthetics.

Pure beryllium domes, cobalt-infused pure-aluminum bass/midrange cones and polypropylene bass cones.

IMS/SHOCK-MOUNT Isolation Mounting System is a leading-edge baffle-less technology that reduces driver/enclosure interactions to inaudible levels.

Premium, hand-rubbed real wood veneer finishes.