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Elac, Golden Ear, JL Audio, Martin Logan, Niles, Pioneer-Elite, and Paradigm.

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Elac new Debut and Uni-Fi speakers are a joint effort of a classic German firm and Andrew Jones, elite designer.

The Debut line includes an outstanding bookshelf speaker, floorstanding, center-channel, and Dolby Atmos enabled models. A full range of powered subwoofers complements this line-up.

The Uni-Fi speaker line offers the value of the Debut but in a higher performance package.


GoldenEar has received tons of accolades. Their Triton Two and Three are high performance loudspeakers with a built-in powered subwoofer. They have been engineered for superb performance in both high quality two channel systems as well as in multi-channel home theater systems. (The subwoofer is powered by a GoldenEar designed ForceField Digital amplifier. The amplifier's DSP design yields extremely linear and low distortion response combined with dynamic controls for optimum performance.)

GoldenEar's Triton Seven is on display for your listening evaluation. With a price of $699 each, GoldenEar’s Triton Towers have set new performance and value standards all around the world. The new Triton Seven follows in this auspicious tradition. Although it is the first Triton Tower without a built-in powered subwoofer, it still achieves superbly deep, subwoofer-like impactful bass performance by combining advanced technology drivers with our highly evolved and sophisticated bass-loading technologies.

GoldenEar's Aon bookshelf speakers deliver a satisfying listening experience without the need for a separate subwoofer.

GoldenEar's Super Cinema 3D Array provides the finest audio for a home theater in a soundbar.

You will be amazed at the true surround sound system's audio quality. GoldenEar has developed a unique new technology that incorporates 3D image optimization to achieve lifelike, wide, deep 3D playback sounds.


Since 1978, Niles has been creatively designing/installing speakers within planters, rocks, plasma high definition wall mounts, or outdoor speaker formats.

Similar to other products at Custom Hi-Fi, the quality is not sacrificed by the more unusual mounting configuration.


Paradigm speakers have been setting a standard of excellence for over 25 years. With breath taking accuracy, a spacious soundstage, pinpoint localization, deep bass, and thrilling dynamics are their hallmarks. Their speakers have consistently been voted the best value for the dollar in the marketplace

The Signature Series is the top of the line: offering the ultimate in high end sound in loudspeaker and subwoofer design. For home theaters, the speaker provides great articulation that allows one to clearly hear dialog and at the same time offer breathtaking music presentation.

The latest model - Paradigm's Prestige will arrive in November

JL Audio

One other speaker company to consider for their subwoofers:

JL Audio's Fathom and Gotham products tell you that you are seeing and hearing something special that exceeds most other


JL Audio's subwoofer product for the home is a unique offering that each listener should consider.