Rose Streamer 250

LCD with multi-touch provides easier stream connectivity with audiophile quality

The RS250 has built in ESS flagship DAC with linear power giving low noise and low distortion

This is combined with rich analog density that supports PCM 32bit/786KHz and Native DSD512

A top level MQA Full Decoder allows playing studio mastering sound

Enjoy video files via HDMI connection in Ultra HD 4K quality


An 8.8 inch touchscreen with high resolution wide viewing angle shows high definition album information

Play 4k high definition video, music oriented YouTube, Pod casts, CD playback/ripping, radio broadcasts worldwide


Wirelessly play all music and videos on a network through a dedicated app that supports a variety of platforms.

Local Storage Media

Music and video can also play from a local source - USB or SSD drive.

Connect a dedicated CD drive - save music on a USB or the internal SSD drive, 4TB

Build your own home network, categorized anyway you'd like.

Qobuz, Roon, Spotify, Tidal, and CD ready

Control via Remote, Smartphone, Computer, or Tablet