Quad ERA-1Headphones

The Quad name is associated with their super special electrostatic speakers that every audiophile loves to listen to.

These are full sized - open backed - over the ear

The ERA-1s’ drivers are actually of planar-magnetic, ortho-dynamic, design.

"The ERA-1s’ levels of clarity and openness are above their competitors.

But perhaps what’s most appealing about the Quad ERA-1s is that you get this quality of sound in a lightweight and comfortable pair of headphones that you can wear for hours. "


These headphones are really not designed to be powered by a smartphone.

See our portable Chord's "Mojo", Marantz's HD-DAC1, or Parasound's "Zdac" for several headphone options.

Or connect to the headphone jack on a pre-amp to get sufficient power to drive these wonderful headphones.