Earphones & Headphones

Earphones (Earbuds) and headphones provide a unique audio experience: top of the line speakers at a fractional of the cost. Combine this with the ability to listen to music without disturbing your partner, or roommates, and buying one becomes a "no-brainer". As Custom Home Hi-Fi, we skip the normal commercially available headsets and focus on offering the finest audio reproduction designs. Our store offers a golden opportunity for people to hear the sound differential available at different prices. Bring in your iPhone or Droid based unit, and you'll be able to quickly plug them in as well.

Grado Earphones & Headphones

Grado is one of the oldest, family owned, companies in the Audio Industry. For several decades they have been leaders in designing and engineering for high end audio. Besides their well known cartridges, Grado created a "vented diaphragm designed headphone" that incorporates a large air chamber. This feature, available in all Grado headphones, lowers distortion levels and extends the bass response. If you're looking for the finest sound available in headphones, ask about the Grado 325i or the PS500 series.

Grado's iGi came about by the urging of the youngest Grado generation for an in-ear headphone experience with quality that rivals the regular headphones.

Parasound's Zdac v.2

Parasound's Zdac sounds natural and less digital than more expensive DAC's thanks to the custom designed sample rate converter The Zdac eliminates all jitter on all its inputs - not only the USB

Custom Home Hi-Fi is a great regional source to compare the sound qualities of several premium headphones: Grado and Paradigm. Two great names in headphones.