Placing Music on USB Drives

New Cars, Heos, ZDAC, and Receivers

Most new cars and all Heos devices come with a USB port.

Most DAC devices have a USB port.

Some of our receivers also handle USB ports.

The USB ports are normally at the rear. Buy a 3 ft. USB extender and it will be in front for easy change.

****Always power off the device before changing the USB drive. This insure the drive will not be corrupted.****

All the devices handle a size of 32 GB. (32 GB is is sufficient to store 100 albums in a high quality format like a .wav file. If you prefer the lower quality .mp3 format, 300-400 albums can be stored in one USB drive.)


All new HEOS units (model HS2 or higher) play .wav file format in 24 bit format. This format gives a quality as good if not better than the SACD drives.

On the Heos, one can make music selections using an app on the phone or tablet. If there are several Heos devices, each with a USB drive, one can mix music from all the drives at one time.

Downloading Music

Music in 24 bit format can be obtained from online services. We like HDTracks.

They have a large collection of music at good prices. The sound will be as good as the original recordings {master tapes}.

Be prepared for the ultimate listening experience.

Converting CD's to USB

There are a number of programs available. We use NCH "Express Rip"

This costs approximately $30 with the online database. (When a CD is inserted, it magically finds the tracks from the database.)

Simply place the CD in your computer, load Express Rip, designate the USB as the output port, and the CD will be converted. With the $30 version, the online database will know the name for each track and properly label it when the digital file is created.

In Express Rip, under Options we chose the Filename Format to be custom with the value "\\{%n %t}".

This will make sure the track's name clearly shows when playing back.

The sound will actually improve in the conversion - it will be almost as good as high definition.

Get ready to hear your existing music at an improved level

Available at the touch from a phone or tablet app