DAC Systems

Playing Digital Music

What is a DAC?

A DAC stands for "Digital to Analog Converter". It takes digital data and changes it to an analog signal. This goes into a pre-amp and then into an amplifier which in turn plays headphones and/or speakers.

Music on Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, etc. are all in a digital format. (Actually music on a CD is in a digital format.)

One can also purchase the highest resolution music online from a source like HD Tracks, https://www.hdtracks.com/quality This too will arrive in a digital format. (The files can be stored on USB memory drives.)

By using an external DAC, one can enjoy music at a much higher level than what your computer or phone can offer.

Similar to other fidelity equipment, there is a wide range of DAC's available.

  • Some simply provide analog output to a separate pre-amp.

  • Some provide an analog output signal for headphones.

  • Some go further and provide output sufficient to power smaller speakers.

Pictured above we have a DAC connected to a Heos Amp which then can connect to speakers or headphones. The Heos unit connects to the wifi so you can easily listen to online music. It also contains