Highlight of the Month

Hana Cartridges

2 spectacular models

Hana ML

The ML features “higher specification parts, advanced materials, unique technical treatment and superior mechanical interface.”

It uses a nude microline tip, very high purity copper wire, and cryogenic treatment of the yoke as well as the front and rear assemblies. The body is made from Delrin. The mechanical interface is improved with threaded fittings and a machined brass cap. These latter features provide better bass and dynamics according to the design team.

Hana Umami

The HANA-Umami Red high-end moving coil cartridge combines brilliant materials and classic Japanese techniques with modern audio engineering. Ebony wood, rare-earth magnets, precision-cut diamond, high-purity copper wires, Urushi lacquering, and CNC machined Duralumin synergize under the vision of Hana designer Okada-san.

The relationship in MC generators between magnet, armature, and coil windings is a critical aspect of outstanding cartridge design; and like a signature dish at a Michelin 3-star restaurant, every element and detail working in concert results in a memorable and emotional experience.

All the major parts in a HANA-Umami Red are manufactured in house by Excel Sound. Excel's highly trained craftsmen skillfully hand assemble the HANA-Umami Red ensuring an intensely musical experience furthering the HANA "Brilliant and Gorgeous" sound quality.