PrimaLuna's EVO 300 Hybrid

The best of tubes and the best of solid-state in a fully dual mono design with top-shelf components and sophisticated power supplies.

The EVO 300 Hybrid uses same preamp gain stage as the award-winning PrimaLuna EVO 400 Preamplifier. That means all-tube and dual mono.

We excluded tube rectification because it did not fit for this application.

The input stages of the EVO 300 Hybrid use two 12AU7 tubes in the gain stages, and four 12AU7 driver tubes.

The doubled driver tubes ensure a lower impedance on the output stages, allowing for large dynamics, a huge soundstage with harmonics and texture.

The solid-state output stages use cascading JFETs from Linear Systems.

Each channel boasts two complementary pairs of MOSFETs from Exicon.

The MOSFETS are exotic and custom-designed and build and are not available to anyone else!

Too often, hybrid amps turn out to be less than the sum of their parts – a mismatch, both technically and sonically.

It's essential to choose solid-state components that behave similarly to a tube.

Floyd Design's Jan de Groot has created amps with MOSFETs for 26 years.

The MOSFETs are specifically designed to pair with our most successful PrimaLuna pre-stages.

They are matched for the best sound quality possible and mounted it in one chassis.

Custom Hi-Fi is pleased to showcase PrimaLuna's tube preamplifier - Dialogue Premium

PrimaLuna's Dialogue Premium

Unique Tube Designs

Both shown models are available for listening and in-stock

Dialogue Premium Preamplifier

The best tube preamps will be dual mono - meaning discreet circuits for the left and right channel

Power will come from tube rectifiers with point to point wiring - no circuit boards.

Multiple tubes for each channel.

All this is part of PrimaLuna's design for a superb Preamplifier

Custom Hi-Fi showcases PrimaLuna's tube driven Dialogue Pemium integrated amp-preamp

Dialogue Premium Integrated Amplifier-Preamplifier

Every PrimaLuna unit that has been reviewed has received a Stereophile Class A Rating.

Our Integrated Amp-Preamp - Swiss designed with point to point wiring.

Almost all controls are provided on the Remote Control for quick/easy access.

Triode and Single Ended Triode amps are popular for their warmer, fuller sound.

Triode amps have limits, while Ultra-Linear has more extension at top and bottom.

Dialogue Premium offers both with the push of a remote control button.

Music will be presented with a super quiet background - instruments have a resonance and presence.

Evo 100 - Integrated Amp

The ultimate headphone amp

Super Quiet Inputs

Slim Remote

Adaptive AutoBias

Point to Point Wiring

Extended Tube Life Design with Bad Tube Indicators

Custom Toroidal Power Transformers

Custom Super Wide Bandwidth Output Transformers

Evo 300 - Integrated Amp

An Integrated amp for speakers and headphones

Beyond the Evo 100, the 300 includes a full sized remove, subwoofer output, and special switching.

Extended Tube Life Design with Bad Tube Indicators

Custom Toroidal Power Transformers

Custom Super Wide Bandwidth Output Transformers

Adaptive Auto Bias

Point to Point Wiring

No Internal DAC or Phono Stage

Evo 400 - Integrated Amp

An Integrated amp for speakers and headphones

PrimaLuna's newest flagship, the 400 includes all the luxuries of the 100 and 300

Plus input and output transformers for balanced XLR connectivity

The Evo 400 is of the best headphone amps in the world. And the only amp that lets you listen with either the warmth of Triode or the wide-bandwidth of Ultra-linear operation at the push of a button!

Most tube integrated amps and preamps use a solid state op-amp chip for running headphones. Stand alone tube headphone amps will vary in quality like any other tube amp. Headphones are simply small speakers that require less power.

Some amps use smaller output tubes that groan to have enough dissipation to run power-hungry planar headphones. Other brands, including those costing $5,000 or more like Mal Valve, will use larger output tubes, then use a voltage divider network to drop the power down to an acceptable level for headphones.

PrimaLuna takes advantage of the fact that we make the best tube integrated amplifiers. You don't have to pay for a separate state of the art headphone amp. PrimaLuna integrateds are the favorite of owners who use everything from Audeze to Hifiman to Sennheiser!