Amplifiers, Preamplifiers, Processors, & Receivers

Whether you are finally up-grading the old college receiver, or looking for a state of the art home theater, we can help. We'll listen to your needs and help provide you with what you want and can afford.

New technology finally gets rid of the dreaded remote: for smartphones (iPhone or Droid) and tablets like the iPads, there is an easy to use app. It allows you to easily select music and control the volume. Another feature: Different sections of the home can be controlled separately. (You no longer have to listen to what your spouse or children want to hear.)


For over 10 years, Sonic Frontiers Int'l. has manufactured award winning high end Preamplifiers, Power Amplifiers, and Digital to Analog Converters of the finest quality,

You will be stunned by the performance of Anthem's AVM (audio video master), as well as their receivers, and rock solid amplifiers. Without exception, they offer some of the highest quality available whether your interest if for music or home theater.


With a 100 year history, few firms have the tradition and experience that Denon offers. For over a century, Denon has been producing reliable and accurate turntables. Newer components include: integrated amplifiers, SACD/CD players, A/V Receivers, BluRay players, and headphones,


Marantz, a classic name to audiophiles since the 1950's, is now represented by Custom Home Hi-Fi. Be sure to check out their excellent receivers, and evaluate a terrific Blu-ray player with a much wider sound range than the low end conventional units.

Parasound - Halo

A new product line for us, Halo represents the premier products by Parasound. John Curl - of Mark Levinson, SOTA amplifiers, and Vendetta preamps - is the chief design engineer for Halo. We are pleased to be stocking three products from Halo: the P5 preamp, A21 and A23 amplifiers. (Other models are available upon request.) If you're searching for the finest audio output with great design engineering, look no further than the Halo products.


Showcasing the finest in tube preamplifiers and integrated amps-preamplifiers. Carefully assembled in Switzerland to the highest possible standards.


Designed in Austria, manufactured in Czech Republic and Slovakia. They have an array of turntables and devices.


Yamaha's Aventage was introduced in 2010. Their receiver line offers a unique best in class audio/video design. The receiver model 1020 offers a symmetrical amp layout, combined with center mounted transformer that give the finest fidelity and setup ease. Control access can be done with Yamaha's controller "App" by Apple and Android phones or tablets, as well as the Kindle Fire.

There are times, when what one needs is an honest audio consultant, with lots of experience, who can guide you. See our Consultant Page.