USB Turntables

The Music Hall usb-1

Create digital files from your records

Connect your computer's or laptop's USB port - save as a WAV file with included Audacity software

Listen to records without wearing them out

The sound will be as fine as the original recording

Click here to read more notes on LP conversion here

Music Hall's usb-1

Music Hall's USB-1 turntable with Analog to Digital output. Showcased at Custom Home Hi-Fi

Whether you’re looking to digitize and download your record collection, release your inner DJ, or simply discover the joy of spinning vinyl, the usb-1 is your answer. It includes: a built-in phono preamp, Audio Technica AT3600L moving magnet cartridge, dust cover, and all cables and software.

For those desiring a higher quality cartridge, we recommend the Ortofon Red cartridge.

With each turntable Custom Hi-Fi, provides free turntable setup