Phono Preamps

Chord Electronic's Huei

Huei is compatibe with a huge range of cartridges.

It has an advanced design offering ultra-low-noise microprocessor control of its main features, including a convenient memory function.

With multiple options for impedance-matching, seven-stage switchable gain and a switchable rumble filter

MoFi's StudioPhono

Selectable gain and loading enables the StudioPhono to match nearly any moving-magnet or moving-coil cartridge on the market .

Two selectable toggle buttons on the top of the unit can engage Mono or Subsonic filter mode.

If you're a fan of mono recordings, vintage or reissues like the Beatles in Mono box set or the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Bob Dylan Series, the Mono mode will come as a revelation. It will improve image stability and generate richer tone.

Parasound JC 3 jr Phono Preamplifier

A phono preamp for 47k ohm MM and MC/MI

Balanced and Unbalanced Outputs

Mono switch for improved Monaural Record Sound

RIAA accurate to within 0.2 db

S/N up to 94 db and THD < 0.02%

Pro-Ject Phono Box MM

Today, many amplifiers do not have a specific phono cartridge input. Phono Box MM is an ideal phono preamplifier for these hifi systems.

Phono Box MM accepts MM and high-output MC cartridges and offers an audiophile music experience at an entry-level price.

Advanced circuitry keeps noise and distortion at a surprisingly low level. The metal case shielding and an outboard DC power supply leave no risk for external interference.