Cleaning Records

LP Record Cleaner - Okki Nokki

LP Disc Cleaner @ Custom HiFi

We'd all like to hear pristine music each time the record is played

The following snapshots show one pass cleaning with the LP record cleaner.

It's not completely quiet - but vastly better than just using a spritz plus brushing

before and after audio

Brushing with a follow up vacuum removes the dust from within the grooves.

A second and/or third pass through the LP Record Cleaner will further reduce background noise

Eventually one can bring an unscratched record back to almost new conditions

The Okki-Nokki fills the gap with a very high end system

Prevents fluid being sucked into the vacuum motor

Cool running motor allows for hours of use - no noisy fans

Comes complete with record cleaning fluid and goat hair brush

Automatic shut-off - in case you forget to drain the reservior

Forward and Revere drive - for scrubbing action