Ortofon Cartridges

Ortofon Turntable Cartridges at Custom Home Hi-Fi

The 2M line has become a de facto reference for moving-magnet cartridges. Custom Home Hi-Fi offers these 4 models:

2M Black is "open, fast, detailed, vivid, full of vitality and sonically spectacular." It is a true high-resolution transducer that consequently puts great demands on the downstream electronics and speakers...

2M Red is far more forgiving than the 2M Black, but also less involving, at least in the context of my system

2M Blue ...you get the audiophile treatment: a full-range, highly resolving presentation that sounds neither stiff nor unforgiving. In fact, the 2M Blue's balance, both tonally and in terms of overall resolution, may be its greatest feat. It's an easy cartridge to listen to, and even novice listeners...

While the 2M Black sounds more immediately impressive, the 2M Bronze is the more satisfying over the long haul, halving the difference between the Black's speed and resolution and the Blue's balance

Free setup for turntables and cartridges purchased at our store.

Setting up and calibrating a cartridge + turntable is involved. Let us handle this as a "turn-key" project.