Dynavector Cartridges

Dynavector's 10x5 Mk2 MC Cartridge

Powerful neodymium magnets provide awe-inspiring clarity and tremendous dynamics.

Dynavector's patented Magnetic Flux Damping, Softened Magnetism technology further contributes to the smooth treble response for which the company's cartridges are renowned.

The 10x5 Mk2 touts a stylus assembly with the nude diamond Shibata III line-contact stylus as well as harder cantilever material. This ensures secure tracking over even torturous LP grooves while still achieving extended high-frequency performance.

Handmade in Japan and able to mate with practically any turntable.

Dynavector's 20x2-L MC Cartridge

DV-20X has a solid aluminum alloy body and a rigid magnet construction similar to XX-2MKII.

The cantilever is a 6mm length of hard aluminum pipe with a Micro-Ridge stylus.

  • The magnetic flux damping and softened magnetism along with powerful neodymium magnets gives the 20X2H a healthy 2.8 mV output - suitable for most MM inputs.

  • The 20X2L has an output of 0.3 mV ideal for most MC phono stages.

Both high and low versions of the 20X2 are available ensure for the optimum end result.

The high output model is well suited to valve preamplifiers or electronics that only offer MM inputs

The low output version offers superb performance when combined with dedicated moving coil inputs.

Dynavector's 17DX Karat MC Cartridge

After exhaustive listening and technical research, the decision was made to incorporate.

  • A body machined from solid brass

  • Samarium-cobalt magnets for lower magnetic resistance

  • Unmatched coil winding techniques

  • An incredible 1.7mm long cantilever with Micro Ridge stylus

The combination creates a KARAT 17DX that will delight the listener, providing clear and articulate reproduction of analog recordings without a hint of harshness in the high frequency range.

The frequency response of the new KARAT 17DX at 20 to 20,000 Hz is ruler flat. This provides an extremely accurate groove tracking ability.