Denon Cartridge

For several decades Denon has also been offering a wonderful moving coil cartridge. Its recent upgraded is worthy of being included in our audiophile list.

Dynavector Cartridges

Handmade with precision in Japan, Dynavector offers high performance moving coil cartridges based on technically advanced theories.


For over half a century, Grado has been a U.S.A. family owned businesses in the audio industry. They are famous for phono cartridges and headphone designs - holding over 48 patents.

Time honored manufacturing knowledge and attention to detail generates the highest levels of pitch control, harmonic accuracy, and bass quality to be achieved. Nothing leaves the factory until it sounds pure Grado.


Excel Sound Corporation is a Japanese company that started in the 1960's making low cost phono cartridges. They developed as an "underground" Japanese audio company that has finally started to be recognized for the high quality and audio sound.


Ortofon began in 1918 by two Danish engineers. In 1948 Ortofon developed its first moving coil cartridge. Ortofon has continued to the present day in the audio field, producing high end turntable cartridges and components for the hearing aid industry. The 2M series represents 21st century technology built into its cartridges.

Cartridge Setups

Whether you purchase one of our Grado's or a competitive brand, do not just screw it into the turntable's shell. Cartridges must be properly aligned, or the quality will be significantly off. Bring your turntable, and cartridge, to us and we'll it up properly. (There will be a service charge for cartridges, or turntables, not purchased in our store. But it's money well spent.)