Sonos connects through your wi-fi 

Music continues when the phone rings 
Play different music in each room or play same music throughout 
Uncompressed sound connect via any device
Setup is easy: Plug in power cord, Download the app, Connect to the Wi-Fi 

Custom Hi-Fi is an authorized Sonos dealer

Sonos One 
Comes built in with Amazon's Alexa
Same sound as  Sonos' Play 1 - but now with Voice Control 
One no longer needs to hunt for a phone or iPad to control what is playing

Check news/traffic - control smart devices
Fully utilize Amazon's Alexa's commands
Just like an Echo but with much better sound
Still priced @ $199 for great room sound

Our Home Theater Soundbars will  present clear dialog in the center with music from left/right channels.
Bring life and spark to your at home movies. Clearly hear the dialog.
Control from an app in your phone. You no longer need another remote control device. 
Easily connect to other Sonos devices to play audio in all rooms.
Sonos Soundbar

Expand your existing Stereo with Sonos Connect

Sonos Connect brings music streaming to your stereo. 
Play music from your computer or from the Internet. 
Simply attached wires from the Connect to your amp and consider the Connect a device on your wi-fi, through your Network Router or Mesh system.

Play MP3, WAV, Spotify, Apple Music, Rhapsody, Pandora, Internet Radio, and Sirius. 
All controlled by the app on either your phone or tablet. 
Connect a CD player for more sources.

Front panel controls for Volume and Mute control. 
Bass, Treble, Balance, and Volume controlled within the app.

The Connect: Amp goes even further giving you full control of your speakers with a 55-watt amplifier controlled from a phone or a tablet.  
Contact us for a demonstration and to view the great Sonos products. And let us help you work through the wi-fi connection issues.