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Anthem Integrated Amp

Anthem Integrated Amp

A major aspect of the Integrated amp is Anthem’s renowned Anthem Room Correction (ARC™) for the two-channel music.  With the inclusion of ARC, two-channel listeners are now able to optimize their listening experience and achieve the very best sound experience possible in their room with the ability to target specific frequencies based on ARC’s sophisticated room correction software.

The Integrated Amplifier features inputs for moving magnet and moving coil phono cartridges. Also included is a high-resolution pre-amplifier section and high current, high output amplifier section. 

There are eight bipolar output devices per channel, massive toroidal power supply, and Anthem’s Advanced Load Monitoring (ALM) for 225W at 8 ohms, 400W at 4 ohms, and 600W at 2 ohms, all with both channels continuously driven.
rear view of Anthem Integrated amp

Anthem MRX-520 and MRX-720
Anthem MX-510 showcased at Custom Home Hi-Fi serving Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point

With Anthem's A/V receiver, everything you need to drive a music and home theater system is contained in one component. They offer space-saving, cost-effective alternative to separates (i.e. a preamplifier, A/V processor and separate external power amplifier). Anthem MRX receivers continue to win awards for their sound quality and ease of integration, and best of all, include ARC™—the Anthem Room Correction system. .

Control at your fingertips! The MRX Series Control App controls all MRX 720/520 A/V receivers from your iOS or Android device – download for free on the Apple App Store (for iOS devices) and Google Play (for Android devices).  

The MRX-520offers 7-channel A/V receiver with Anthem Room Correction (ARC 1M); 100 watts per channel continuous power into 8 ohms
The MRX-720 offers 7-channel A/V receiver with Anthem Room Correction (ARC 1M); 120 watts per channel continuous power into 8 ohms