Turntables, Cartridges, and More


We love the sound of music on LP recordings  
We showcase 6 different turntable manufacturers, 2 different cartridge firms, and several related products

All turntable purchases include free setup, LP cleaning brush, and power vacuum cleaning of up to 5 records

If you'd like to hear the ultimate, bring by your favorite LP. 
We'll use our LP vacuum cleaner to remove ticks & pops. 
Then we'll do an A/B comparison of your LP on different turntables.

Mobile Fidelity turntables are made in the U.S.A.  We are pleased to showcase two models:  the UltraDeck and the StudiDeck

Music Hall
Music Hall turntables have been manufactured in the Czech Republic since 1998. Their turntables have been engineered to extract the finest music presentation available in vinyl records.  A wide range of models are available from their mmf-2.2 through mmf-11, including a USB interfaced model (with a built in phono preamp).

Marantz Turntables
A classic name - Marantz now offers a beautiful turntable/cartridge combination for the discriminating listener

Founded in the Czech republic, European Audio Team develops high performance audio products that are considered some of the finest in the industry

Denon has been producing turntables for over 100 years. They have a rock solid design that insures they will continue to play for many decades of use at the highest performance levels. For several decades Denon has also been offering a wonderful moving coil cartridge that has recently been upgraded.

Ortofon began in 1918 by two Danish engineers. In 1948 Ortofon developed its first moving coil cartridge. Ortofon has continued to the present day in the audio field, producing high end turntable cartridges and components for the hearing aid industry. The 2M series represents 21st century technology built into its cartridges.

Pro-Ject is a relatively new company - based in England that is designing high performance turntables.
Check out the RPM and a beautiful Essential II {USB model for creating WAV files}

For over half a century, Grado has been a family owned businesses in the audio industry. They are famous for phono cartridges and headphone designs - holding over 48 patents.  Time honored manufacturing knowledge and attention to detail generates the highest levels of pitch control, harmonic accuracy, and bass quality to be achieved. Nothing leaves the factory until it sounds pure Grado.

Excel Sound Corporation is a Japanese company that started in the 1960's making low cost phono cartridges.  They developed as an "underground" Japanese audio company that has finally started to be recognized for the high quality and audio sound.

Cartridge Setups
Whether you purchase one of our Grado's or a competitive brand, do not just screw it into the turntable's shell. Cartridges must be properly aligned, or the quality will be significantly off. Bring your turntable, and cartridge, to us and we'll it up properly. (There will be a service charge for cartridges, or turntables, not purchased in our store. But it's money well spent.) 

Rega has developed award winning turntables and cartridges under the engineering designs of Roy Gandy.  If you are searching for the finest in turntables, Rega should definitely be considered one of the best.

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